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The true Realtors are now at your fingertips.

Why Iknasproperties?

The true Realtors are now at your fingertips

At Iknas Properties our purpose is to empower people by making property simple, efficient and stress free. The number one place for people to research, explore and share their passion for properties all over the world is Iknas Properties. It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or have years of experience.

We have offices in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, Italy & Spain. The headquarter is located in Dubai. There are also strong presences of the company in the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK, London, and India. Spreading at a fast pace in other countries. We guarantee that our presence will be global. You can get one-stop assistance with all your property-related needs whether they are residential or commercial.

Averaging over 2 million visitors each month across web and mobile, we are Dubai's leading property resource. If you're looking to rent a house or an investment property with a healthy rental return, or maybe even inspiration for decorating your living room, Iknas Properties can assist with our highly skilled team of property management. Connect with us today. A free consultation will definitely lead you to take a final step on your property requirement.


More About Iknas Properties

Iknas Properties has over 35 years of real estate experience and a powerful blend of problem-solving skills and negotiation abilities.Add to that a friendly demeanor and an optimistic outlook and you will understand why Iknas Properties is so successful!

Iknas Properties has evolved from this point where we would have likely morphed from honest to immoral consultants, due to the nature of the industry. By investing in our mission of "Trust Redefined", we offer transparency that eliminates the need for trust entirely.

The result is an organized real estate service platform in GCC countries that has made us pioneers. It is our belief that if we share all information and involve our customers at every step of the transaction, the more they will know. As a result, there will be less opportunity to build trust in the first place.

As a result of our extensive investments in process improvement, we have managed to organize a sector that was unorganized successfully.

Iknas has always taught me the importance of treating others with honesty and integrity and living by the golden rule. “When you focus on doing the little things right, Big Things Happen!”


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Why Choose Us?

Dream Big ! We are with You...


Your Property is safe in our hands. 100% assurances in buying and selling properties. Our dedication level smoothens your day, saves your time and stress alleviated.


We are one. Property management is done honestly for you. Collecting rent, day to day repairs and maintenance, security everything on behalf of you.


You are worthy for us. Our experts help you to crack the best deal in property transactions. Each stage will be updated and researched thoroughly for you.


Don’t get Panic. Our crew will reduce all the intricacies and make a smooth irritant – free registration process and you will be updated about the progress on time.


You can attain the promising pact with the best leasing services. We will help you to find the right solution with our abound experience and assures pleasant accommodations.


No more queries. We have acquired knowledge through our experience and are confident that we can wipe out all doubts regarding this realm.


Don’t go behind others’ opinions. We ensure our assistance in facilitating bank loans for residential and commercial properties.


Real estate portfolio audit, book keeping , legal due diligence , etc.